State Bar Application Process

Jenson McGrath, Esq. L.L.M.
Executive Director, San Andreas State Bar
San Andreas
State Bar
Application Process

Below are the guidelines for obtaining a State Bar License (non Public Defender route):
  1. Applicant submits an application to the San Andreas State Bar
  2. The application is reviewed and a background check is completed
  3. If the applicant passes the background check, their application is forwarded to the payment stage
  4. The applicant must submit an $800 payment to the State Bar Association - REF BAR and your name to either:
    1. Maze Pay @sanandreas.
    2. Bank transfer IBAN LS10 1100 0000 0023 8033 0299
  5. Once the payment is received, the applicant will receive a test from a designated proctor
  6. Applicant has 48 hours to complete the exam.
    • An exam that is not completed in 48 hours of being sent will automatically be counted as a failure (see below)
  7. The exam is graded, and the applicant will be sent the results.
    • If the applicant passes, they will be notified of the results and be given a state bar number.
    • If the applicant fails, they will be notified and can try again after a waiting period of 7 (seven) days, with an additional payment and repeat the process.

Re: State Bar Application Process

((Note - as of September 17 2023, per my determination, players will need to realistically portray an attorney who attending both undergraduate and graduate school to become one. This process is not done while people have fulltime jobs. It is highly unrealistic for an attorney to maintain employment as a police officer, firefighter, correctional officer, etc. and will not be permitted.))
Chief Justice Matthew R. Klenkok,
Eighth and Tenth Chief Justice of the State of San Andreas.

Judge William K. Adjei
Superior Court Judge

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