Become a Clerk-Magistrate [Status: OPEN]


Judicial Clerk-Magistrate
TITLEJudicial Clerk-Magistrate
SALARY RANGE$190,000 - $210,000 / yr.

What is a Clerk-Magistrate?
Clerk-Magistrates are judicial officers who serve in a limited role within the judiciary. This is often the first step an attorney can take to switch from arguing cases to judging cases, enabling exploration of the career path.

Serving primarily in the capacity of a Clerk with some magistrate capabilities, these officers are responsible for:
  • Reviewing applications for, and approving, civil restraining orders;
  • Approving legal name/gender change applications;
  • Certifying civil subpoenas;
  • Granting arrest and search warrants;
  • Adjudicating within the traffic court;
Clerk-Magistrates are different from judges in their inability to conduct trials, which is a responsibility held exclusively by Judges. Judges, in contrast, perform all of these tasks but also conduct trials. During their tenure, each Clerk-Magistrate will be assigned to either the Civil Division or the Criminal Division of the Superior Court of San Andreas, where they will assist judges in the day to day workload required of the judiciary. When the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court of San Andreas deems it appropriate, a Clerk-Magistrate may be appointed to a full judgeship.

(( At an OOC level, this is a position where people can learn how to be a Judge. Instead of requiring knowledge ahead of time, this position allows individuals to learn about the essential functions and nature of being a Judge and, after a 30-60 day period of training, become a full Judge of the Superior Court. ))


Requirements for Employment

A Clerk-Magistrate must hold a Juris Doctor (J.D.) or equivalent from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. Bar admission is not required at this time. Individuals who are interested in this lucrative opportunity to explore a career in the Judiciary should send a Letter of Interest to Presiding Judge Maria J. Vespasiano.


Part-Time or Full-Time Opportunities

This position is offered in both a part-time and a full-time capacity, enabling attorneys to stay in their current job and work up to 3 days per week in that role, requiring only 2 days per week of work as a Magistrate.

(( Applicants who choose the part-time route can choose to perform forum work only and to not receive a faction invite, thereby eliminating the need for Double Faction permission. However, full Judgeships are offered only as a full-time invited role. Applicants cannot be both a Clerk-Magistrate and a member of LSPD/LSSD, the District Attorney's Office, or the Public Defender's Office on the same character. ))
The Honorable Maria Julietta Vespasiano, LL.M (Ret.)
Presiding Judge, Superior Court of San Andreas (Retired)
(( Resigned 10/2023 due to constant drama from other legal faction leaders. ))

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