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Commission on Judicial Performance



Matthew Klenkok
Chief Justice

John C. Letterman
Clerk of Courts

RE: Establishing the Commission on Judicial Performance
September 17, 2023

To the citizens of the State of San Andreas:
In an effort to ensure that the citizens of San Andreas receive the highest level of judicial competency, I have chosen to establish a new Commission that oversees and handles complaints from the public regarding judicial issues. This commission shall be called The Commission on Judicial Performance.

The commission’s mandate is to protect the public, enforce rigorous standards of judicial conduct and maintain public confidence in the integrity and independence of the judicial system. While the majority of San Andreas's judges are committed to maintaining the high standards expected of the judiciary, an effective method of disciplining judges who engage in misconduct is essential to the functioning of our judicial system. Commission proceedings provide a fair and appropriate mechanism to preserve the integrity of the judicial process.

The commission’s jurisdiction includes all judges of San Andreas's superior courts and the justices of the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The commission also has jurisdiction over former judges for conduct prior to retirement or resignation. Additionally, the commission shares authority with the superior courts for the oversight of court commissioners and referees. The Director-Chief Counsel of the commission is currently the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice may appoint investigator(s) for complaints involving the judges of the State Bar Court. The commission does not have authority over federal judges, judges pro tem or private judges. In addition to its disciplinary function, the commission is responsible for handling judges’ applications for disability retirement.

The commission’s authority is limited to investigating allegations of judicial misconduct and, if warranted, imposing discipline. Judicial misconduct usually involves conduct in conflict with the standards set forth in the Code of Judicial Ethics. The commission cannot change a decision made by any judicial officer; this is a function of the state’s appellate courts. After investigation, and in some cases a public hearing, the commission may impose sanctions ranging from confidential discipline to removal from office.

Matthew R. Klenkok
Matthew R. Klenkok
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of San Andreas

Chief Justice Matthew R. Klenkok,
Eighth and Tenth Chief Justice of the State of San Andreas.

Judge William K. Adjei
Superior Court Judge

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